“A hallmark of fine writing! It is a joy for an active environmentalist to read Ms. William's "Marine Life" poems, as they unite intense natural images and depth of knowledge with an ecological perspective. Ms. Williams creates a beautiful sea of words, bringing the reader closer to so many aspects of marine life and making us feel deeply the connection of all life experiences. The poems cover a compelling cross-section of ocean topics, ranging from the dance of a dolphin to the night-time emergence of baby loggerheads, to the effects of pollution, oil spills and overfishing…. all in a way that touches the reader’s heart forever."

--  Erika Archibald, Ph.D., The Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, Atlanta, GA

“Humankind’s regard of the sea has always been somewhere between awe and fear, much like our relationship with God. Here Williams takes us into the depths, where we are uplifted by the world she reveals. “Marine Life” is a remarkable, lyric wilderness teeming with miracles.

-- Desiree Cooper, journalist and author. Her work can be found in Other People's Skin, and Best African American Fiction 2010.

“… Read closely. Marine Life: A World in Poems speaks of earth warnings, of personal pain and joy…An exciting second collection by a Metro Detroit writer to be reckoned with.” 

-- Mary Ann Wehler, author of Walking Through Deep Snow (Plainview Press) and Throat (Bottom Dog Press)

About Marine Life: A World in Poems

With Marine Life: A World in  Poems (ISBN: 978-0-981-9208-2-5, $14.95). Softcover. 78 Pgs.

2009 Pushcart Prize nominee and 2009 Poets and Writers Magazine Debut Poet, Karen S. Williams, offers a lush and lyrical new collection: a tender, evocative exploration of life in and out of the sea. Stirred by her life-long interest in creation, and the beauty and lessons of the marine world, interests born as she watched The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau in her grandmother’s living room, these eighteen poems splash and play, enamor and sparkle like dolphins leaping toward a brilliant sun. Williams’ deeply visionary eye and voice, and the book that emerges, is one of wisdom, spectacular imagery, and fascination. 

Called by American poet, M.L. Liebler, “one of the finest poets writing in Metropolitan Detroit,” Williams gives readers, poetry and nature lovers, environmentalists, and everyday humans a bright and deeply meditative collection that dares them to respect and care for each other as well as the natural world, a world in which we love, encounter, overcome and prosper, think and dream.

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Ideal for  Earth Day Activities